What are the Protective Order Provisions in Virginia

Referred to as “restraining order” in different states, Virginia gifts Protective Orders to ensure people against other people who show a physical peril to them. In case you’re looking for a Protective Order (you are the applicant), the Order can give you security from somebody attempting to hurt you. If you’ve discovered that somebody is … Read more

Virginia Sexting and Child Pornography Laws

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the production, holding, as well as distribution of any kind of child pornography are viewed as three separate felony charges. One must know that sentences as the result of the conviction for holding pornographic photographs of children are among the toughest in the nation, resulting in a jail sentence, heavy … Read more

VA Sex Crimes Lawyer

Crimes vary in their intensity and the resulting punishments vary accordingly. This variation is also evident within the laws of different states and countries. However, in the case of sex crimes, the view is quite uniform across the board. Any sex crime is taken as a serious offense and the accused faces serious repercussions. If … Read more

Solicitation for Prostitution Charge in VA

The very basic meaning of solicitation is to make an offer for payment of cash or it’s equivalent in return for sexual favors. This agreement for exchange of money and sexual favors can be done explicitly in plain words and it can also be implied through certain actions or hidden words. These charges can be … Read more

Sexual Voilence and The Laws In Maryland

Sexual violence is very common indeed, and women are most often the victims of this kind of criminal activity. It is a type of crime that exists within every aspect of society. Every ethnic group, every social class, people of every nationality take part in sexual violence, which is why it is so important that … Read more

Sexual Abuse Victims Lawyer in Virginia

Suffering from sexual abuse can be something that completely changes your life. It can cause serious mental illnesses and can also create a mental state that would leave you pretty much unable to interact properly with other members of society. Sexual abuse is serious trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder is the sort of thing … Read more


Child sexual abuseĀ  also referred to as child molestation is a type of child abuse where an adult or an adolescent uses child for sexual incentive .a child is used for sexual activities without consent and often are shown gentiles , a child may also be used for child pornography. Indecent exposure of body parts … Read more

Virginia Sexual Assault & Battery Attorneys

As a fundamental issue, the crimes related to the assault are always considered severe due to their violent nature. Even lightly touching another person can result in an assault and battery charge in Virginia. This piece of writing offers an overview of the assault and battery crimes and defenses that Virginia sexual assault & battery … Read more


The word prostitution possesses the ability to stir controversy whenever it is brought up during a conversation. Prostitution specifically includes indulging in services/favors regarding sex, adultery and fornication merely in exchange for money or other compensation such as property, drugs etc. Despite existing for many centuries, it is considered a serious offence in the state … Read more