A kind of pornography that involves exploiting children for the sexual stimulation is known as child pornography. It may include child sexual abuse images and might be produced by sexually assaulting a child. Sexual abuse of a child happens when a child is forced to perform sexual acts or is forced to expose his/her genitals or public areas and that are captured as a form of pictures or are recorded in the production of child pornography. A variety of media can be used by Child Pornography, some of them are:

  • Writings that include inappropriate content
  • Magazines that shows inappropriate pictures
  • Photos containing nudity
  • Unsuitable sculptures
  • Drawings showing sexual activities
  • Cartoons performing sexual acts
  • Paintings containing sexuality and filthy exposure
  • Sound recordings involving sex
  • Porn films involving children performing sexual acts.
  • Videos containing sexuality and nudity etc.


Child Pornography Laws in Fairfax, Virginia majorly include images involving sexual content of pre-pubescents or post-pubescent minors. The offenders of Child Pornography Laws in Fairfax, Virginia mostly avoid prosecution by the distribution of the porn material internationally. Child pornography is watched and is demanded by pedophiles for different purposes like private sexual use, exchanging with other people of similar psychic disorder, preparing children for sexual assault for the process called ‘child grooming’. In some cases, children with their consent and willing produce child pornographic content and in most of the cases, it is done by the pressure and intimidation of an adult.


Child pornography is censored and unlawful in Fairfax, Virginia. Child Pornography Laws in Fairfax, Virginia has declared child pornography as illegal and anyone found guilty of this crime will have to face some severe actions against this crime. United Nations has been working for the illegalization of Child pornography internationally. Child Pornography Laws in Fairfax, Virginia does not permit the inhabitants to own any material involving child pornographic content.

If a Fairfax, Virginia resident found guilty of obtaining and keeping child pornography content in his custody will be sentenced under VA Statute 18.2 – 374.1:1as per Child Pornography Laws in Fairfax, Virginia and will guilty of a Class six felony. Under class 6 felony of Child Pornography laws the guilty of this offence will receive a jail sentence for at least a year and maximum prison sentence of five years.


According to the Fairfax, Virginia law, there are some kinds of images under the statute 18.2 – 374.1:1, that are exempted from the law described above and those kinds of images include:

  • Pictures that are stored for some medical and scientific reasons.
  • Images kept by people working for law enforcing agencies, doctors, psychologists, lawyers or physicians.
  • Images possessed by a judge dealing a court case

Child pornography in Fairfax and some other counties has grown rapidly since last two decades. Convictions for custody has increased by around 218 percent between these years, because of the high use of internet and rise of new technology. The main reason of rapid growth of Child pornography industry in Fairfax is due to increased use and easy access of these websites that share such content.