Criminal Lawyers in Manassas, VA

Being detained or alleged of a crime is a worrying and hard experience for anyone. If taken into custody, your best option is to call and retain one of our knowledgeable and detailed criminal lawyers in Manassas, VA. The Law offices of SRIS P.C. is help serve the citizen of Manassas, VA. Our law firm is keen to provide you the most inclusive, modified, and sound legal advice, re-enforced with a lengthy history of success and devotion fighting for the people we serve.

Being imprisoned for a delinquency in Manassas, VA can set off some actions which can disturb you for years to come. Felony chargers are possibly subject to penalize by years in prison. While misdemeanor like drug ownership, DUI, reckless driving can outcome in several month or years in jail and an important amount of fine. You might get overwhelmed by these challenges, peace of mind can only come from employing experienced criminal lawyers in Manassas, VA. Illegal charges in Manassas, VA fall below the national penal code and are accused as misdemeanors or felonies. Though some actions fall evidently into single part or the other, numerous crimes — such as robbery or DUI can be accused as either misdemeanors or offenses liable on the situations of the defilement. Growing factors might contain things like the worth of taken property in a robbery case, or use of firearm attack case, or whether the delinquency was a first or a recurrence crime in a DUI case.

Referring With Criminal Lawyers in Manassas, VA

Some of the questions that criminal lawyers will ask you include:

  • What have you been charged with?
  • What do you consider the government can prove?

We don’t usually ask first for an account of what happened. Relatively, we ask for the individual to convey us what they consider the government can prove. This is because we consider it is significant to start with an understanding of what proof the government might have.

In fact, the government’s proof doesn’t always line up with what actually happened. Thus, a Manassas, VA criminal lawyer needs to know both sides of the story. Most of the people are very keen to tell us their reason of the actions first, but we choose to hear the proof before anything else. It benefits us get a wider outlook of the case.