First time reckless driving in Fairfax Virginia

Reckless driving is considered to be a crime of high illegitimacy all around the globe, but when it specifically comes to the Laws designed by U.S Government, rules become stricter in regard to this crime. As per U.S traffic regulations every act of driving subjected to rash driving where lives and property of people around are endangered is known as reckless driving. These rules and regulations are abide in all states of United States of America including Virginia. It is considered to be a major intervention even more than that of improper or careless driving in the traffic laws prescribed by the State Government of Virginia. Fairfax is an independent country situated in Northern Virginia that falls under Commonwealth of Virginia. It follows almost same rules as rest of Virginia does. Under the light of Virginia code 46.2-862 every person driving on the roads of commonwealth are subjected to reckless driving if:

  • Driving at a speed beyond 20 miles/hour;
  • Driving at a speed more than the limit prescribed; and
  • Driving at a speed which approaches 80 miles/hour.

In case if a person is found guilty of this crime is subjected to strict penalties under the light of Virginia Code 46.2-868. The section states that every person found guilty of this crime falls under the category of Class 1 misdemeanor, where punishments are awarded as per this law. The act is usually punished through imprisonment, fines and driver’s permit suspension. However, outlaw can argue upon conviction in the court by supporting the stance that he or she was driving recklessly but it was not harmful for oneself and people around. In order to deal with such concerns one requires a legal support and assistance, which can only be acquired through an expert attorney. For such charges SRIS Law Group is here to serve you with best of all what you desire and require! SRIS Law Group was established with a goal to provide solution to all types of traffic charges to the people accused. We have a group of trial attorneys and two former prosecutors who can efficiently deal with such cases, all what you need to do is just contact us and fix a consultancy appointment. Severe punishments are charged for the individuals involved in traffic violation cases such as imprisonment for a certain period of time for instance six months or a year, this can eventually harm your career as well as other life prospects, and therefore in order to save your life prospects it is advised to immediately seek advice from any of our legal attorneys.


Although reckless driving is considered to be an utmost illegitimacy, laws alter a bit for the ones who commit this crime for the first time. Every individual found guilty of this act for the very first time is subjected to a punishment of fine up to $1000 dollars or an imprisonment up to six months. However, in certain cases (depending upon the complexities) both punishments are imposed.