Hit and Run Laws in Virginia

Accounts Payable to Virginia Code Forty-6-2-894 If you stop using a vehicle or other equipment as a force, you must:

Immediately after approaching the scene, it prevents visitors from gaining access;
To determine the name, address, driving license type and vehicle registration range to the state police or the company’s executive committee, the individual (if it is able to understand and maintain statistics), propulsion or other vehicle residents with the supervisor or the owner of the broken property; And,
Reasonable assistance to any injured person within the accident, which involves getting the injured person to a health professional, doctor or health center, if it is considered necessary medical advice or requested by the injured person.
If your injuries prevent compliance, as soon as everything is fairly possible, find the document specified by the police and find the driving force, how many others, or the guardian of the car, broken down and send your call. , Deal with, driving license limits and vehicle registration number.

In the case of condemnation, neighborhoods may seek compensation for the costs of responding to law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, and emergency services. (See Virginia Code ยง15.2-1716.).

Passengers who collide with a vehicle equipped with a car
If you were at least sixteen years of age at the time of the passenger accident, in the car at the time of the accident and the driver was not able to prevent and create the desired file, you must make sure that it is given to the police within 24 hours of the complexity of the fate of your record. Includes driver name and countermeasures, together with records to be filled by the driving force mentioned above.

Driving stats and running with the unattended car
According to Virginia code 406.2-896, if you have an unattended car or several indirect assets that cause assets to deteriorate, due to the movement power, you must:

1. Make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or guardian of the property;

a If such a theorem is observed:

I. You must report the name, address, driving license type and vehicle registration types.

B. If the owner of such an attribute is not found:

I. You have to leave information that is sufficiently informed or different enough (your name, the confrontation with the driving force license range, and the types of vehicle registration), which includes identifying the driving force and communicating with the specified location in the accident scene; and,

Second, within 24 hours, you must write the complexity of destiny in the form of police as follows:

1. Your Name, Counter, Types of Driving License and Vehicle Registration Number;

2. Date, time and proximity of the twist of fate and description of your damage asset.

If your accidents do not meet the above requirements, you will have to inform the police as soon as possible and find the owner or keeper of such damaged vehicle, enter your name with the driving license number, and the vehicle registration domain.

The passenger is in statistics and runs an unrivaled car
If you were at least sixteen years old, you would not be able to assure the owner or maintainer of a car or a property at the time of the crash inside the car and the driving force, or if you are looking for a note that is needed above, you must make sure that A case has been made to the police by accident for a period of 24 hours. The record should include the name of the propulsion force and deal with the information required for the proposal through the above-mentioned driving force.

The driver is in incidents caused by injury or death
In spite of the tasks of the motive force mentioned above, by agreeing to Code 406-2-371 of Virginia Code, the driving force of any vehicle that is worried in an accident that results in the injury or death of any individual or several men or women, A direct approval of a crash accident must be given to an executive officer of the regulations. Correct uncertainty is required to create the required record, Grade 4 accused.