Loudoun Virginia drug crime lawyers deal with the cases involving drugs. In Loudoun Virginia, a wide range of drug cases is prosecuted very harshly. Drugs are viewed as very harmful to society and especially to young people, and that is why the drug cases are prosecuted very aggressively. The prosecutors in Loudoun, Virginia take it as a responsibility to protect the society from drug abuse and the users and to keep the distribution of drugs in the society. Keeping young people and adults safe from drugs and the shocking effects of drug abuse are the main aims of the prosecutors.

The state of Virginia is known for having strict drug laws. Under the law of Virginia, drugs have been classified into Schedules. The charges and penalties of the drug offenses depend on which schedule the drugs are in.

Loudoun Virginia drug crime lawyers have all the legal information about every kind of drug offenses and their penalties and charges. They know what evidence and proves are required by the prosecutors.

As per the law of Virginia, these drugs have been divided into 6 Schedules that are based on their addictiveness and how useful they are medical. The most addictive and dangerous drugs come under the Schedule 1, and the severity goes down from Schedule 2 being lesser addictive and harmful. This classification of Schedules in Virginia is same as the drug schedules identified by the Federal Government.

Schedule 1 contains the most harmful drugs such as Heroin, LSD, GSB, ecstasy. Marijuana also comes under the Schedule 1 drug, but the charges and penalties are different. Schedule 2 contains the drugs like cocaine, Morphine, PCP, Ritalin, Methamphetamine, and other stimulants. Schedule 3 involves Anabolic steroids, hydrocodone, Ketamine, Codeine and other such depressants. Schedule 4 contains various prescription drugs including Xanax, Valium, and Rohypnol. Conversely, Schedule, 5 and 6 contain cough medicines and drugs that might be legal for one purpose but it may not be legal for the people of specific age.

Many crimes involve drugs, the most common types of drug offenses are, having a controlled substance in possession of someone with an intent to use it, which does not necessarily means holding or keeping a drug.

Intent to sell or distribute a drug is also a most common type of drug offenses. The law of Virginia considers possessing a certain amount of some drugs as an intent to sell. In addition to this, manufacturing of drugs is treated similarly to selling or intent to sell drugs.

If you are charged with a drug offense, skilled and well-professional Loudoun Virginia drug crime lawyers are there to help defend you against the charge. Having Loudoun Virginia drug crime lawyers on your side can help you in reducing many charges and penalties and will help you throughout the legal process.

Loudoun Virginia drug crime lawyers are capable of helping you present the best defence against the drug offense charge and carry out the best results possible.