Rape is one of the most serious offenses in the world that is rapidly growing day by day. Sexually assaulting, conducting sexual activities or abusing a person without their consent is called Rape. Rape is a major sexual crime that can happen to anyone at any time. Rape defense lawyers in Henrico, Virginia puts every effort to carry the best research methods and can increase the chances of favorable results by resolving any kind of rape charge that can destroy your personal and work life.

Rape is among the biggest crimes in the world. Rape can result in worst situations for the victims. A victim of rape can face worst depression and severe stress, in many cases, the rape can also result in suicide.

There is a huge number of victims of rape in Virginia. According to the last survey conducted by FBI, the number of sex offense victims are around 67,354 of females and around 12,000 male in Virginia.

In the state of Virginia, one out of every four women and one out of every nine men have been a victim of any sexual assault, stalking, rape or any other sexual crime. About 1.7 million men and 23 million women have been sexually abused or raped at some point and around 8.5 million women have been sexually abused before the age of 18.

People who get charged with any sort of sex crime are immediately contacted by any law enforcing agency or investigation agencies. They are called for detailed interrogation and investigations. If accused of such crime, it is better to contact the rape defense lawyer in Henrico, Virginia as soon as possible.

Evidence against the charge of rape

Where there are many rapists in Virginia and especially Henrico, there are also many people who face the false accusation of rape. If an innocent is accused of rape, it can be a very serious situation. Because if the accused is found guilty of any sex offense, his whole life can be destroyed. Consent and misidentification are said to be the main defenses against rape charges. Like all the other defenses, it is necessary for the accuser to prepare a proper defense against the charge as soon as possible, it is very important to collect all the required evidence to establish a winning defense. In the rape cases, matching DNA, semen, pubic hair can be the challenging evidence. The rape defense lawyer in Henrico, Virginia provides an accused with complete guidance and assistance about the case, penalties, and charges. The defense attorney of Henrico is well equipped and experienced. They also guide the accused with other resources that might be helpful in the case.


The rape defense lawyers in Henrico, Virginia are always there to help innocent people to get away with the charge of rape. The defense attorney of Henrico, Virginia will defend the clients by using their professionalism and experience in the best way possible. They will consider the rape crime case under the light of laws and constitution and carry out the best research for providing proves and evidence, they will handle the serious rape charges with discretion and compassion, and are always ready to assist the clients looking for help. By consulting the well-experienced rape defense lawyers in Henrico, Virginia you can get rid of the rape charge that can sentence to imprisonment of more than 5 years and fine of about $100, 000.