Reckless driving Petersburg Virginia fine amount

Reckless driving is considered to be one of the most serious traffic violation offenses of all times. It can cause serious severe accidents which can prove to be fatal sometimes. Virginia holds strict laws and penalties against traffic laws violation. Reckless driving is an act of violation of the rules and laws which made by the government of the state of Virginia for the safety and well-being of the public. Reckless driving can be of various types, for example, over speeding, tailgating, or illegal passing and etc. A vehicle driver can be charged for reckless driving ticket if he or she drives at a speed which causes threat to their own life or to the lives of the people in the surrounding, or it causes threat of losing a limb or damaging a property.

Petersburg County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Petersburg County, just like rest of the state of Virginia also ensures the strict rules against reckless driving are maintained. Driving recklessly results in severe consequences. The normal fine that is pressed against the offense of reckless driving varies from $350 to $250 in the state of Virginia. Though the maximum penalty cost against reckless driving in Virginia is $2500 but it is not often pressed against the offenders. Reckless driving can also cause the driver to lose his or her license temporarily and can serve up to 6 months of jail. The judge, under certain circumstances can issue a restricted license which allows you to drive to necessary places like school, workplace, hospitals and childcare. To legally get a restricted license or lessen the punishment of your case you need a well-qualified lawyer to represent you in the court.

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