Reckless Driving Ticket in Richmond, Virginia

It is very common to be pulled over on Richmond, Virginia highways for reckless driving or speeding. Reckless driving is not just a ticket it is a severe criminal offense containing serious penalties. You can be charged in two ways: if you are driving 20 miles per hour above than the suggested limit or if you are exceeding 80 miles per hour limit. As per these regulations anyone can be charged students and the peoples from out of town. It is to be noted that reckless driving is defined as the offense which jeopardizes the people or property. Reckless driving can be charged with regard to careless driving or can be charged with regard to speed. An attorney of Virginia can tell you that reckless driving is a much more serious offense than speeding because it is a Class 1 misdemeanor with an imprisonment for up to 365 days, six month suspension of license and fine of $2,500.

A Lawyer Can Help in Reckless Driving Offense

In Richmond, VA the lawyer can assist you in the reckless driving charges by helping you to reduce or dismissed the charges in order to protect you from having a criminal record. The lawyer will also make sure that your driving license is not suspended and avoid all the chances that could raise your insurance. The attorney can talk to the police officer who charged you and negotiates the matter to avoid all the charges. The basic role of an attorney in this case is to try and prevent any damage to your personal record, and will also try to get the best possible outcome for you. If you charged with reckless driving the first thing you should do is to get the updated copy of your driving record, the second thing you should do is to get the speedometer of your car calibrated through a dynamometer, the last thing you should do is to write two to three paragraphs about the day this incident took place, write about your mood, write about the situation in which you were pulled over by the officer, write about the exact conversation between you and the police officer because all these things can help you in getting a positive outcome from the court.

Summons VS. Speeding Ticket

In Richmond, VA the speeding ticket is defined as an infraction, in simple words the infraction will only cost a little fine. On the other hand reckless driving is a criminal offense and it carries the risk of 12 months custody. You can avoid the court in speeding ticket by paying the fine you are charged for but for reckless driving you need to face the court which you can take it as an opportunity to negotiates the charges and get the best possible outcome from the court. It is to be noted that reckless driving is treated very seriously in Virginia as all the judges and prosecutors are very tough on this charge.