Solicitation for Prostitution Charge in VA

The very basic meaning of solicitation is to make an offer for payment of cash or it’s equivalent in return for sexual favors. This agreement for exchange of money and sexual favors can be done explicitly in plain words and it can also be implied through certain actions or hidden words. These charges can be altered or made more extreme in cases when the victim is a minor or if the victim has been forced or coerced in any way. Then these solicitation charges can turn into felony offenses with significant amount of jail time and fines. It can also turn into a felony offense if the suspect has knowingly given a sexually transmitted disease to the victim like HIV.

Many people wonder why solicitation is take as such a big deal. The main reason lies in its definition. If a person has solicited someone it means that they have encouraged or lured someone into committing a crime. And since solicitation alone is a crime in itself, it does not matter if the actual act that was solicited takes place or not. If a person is seen to be even slightly inclined towards going forward with the solicited agreement, solicitation charges can be imposed. Basically it is the intent of the person that makes all the difference between a guilty and a not guilty charge.

Many a times police prostitution stings take place at hotels that are most frequently used for the purpose of prostitution. A lot of hotel owners actually encourage such operations because they want their hotel to be safe of prostitutes but they are held back from turning down clientele themselves. The police then send someone undercover as a prostitute to arrest someone red handed. Once caught you can face a number of different penalties. They can include felony or misdemeanor charges. The suspect might have to get tested for AIDS and attend a course on its information. There can also be expensive fines along with hefty court fees. Long community service hours that can take up a lot of time.

A good lawyer for solicitation of prostitution can actually help you in getting an amended charge or instead can even get you a very basic sentence. There are many loopholes in a solicitation charge that a defense lawyer can use to his or her benefit in order to suit their client’s needs and wishes. The first and foremost wish of most such clients is discretion as most of them are married. In that case of their spouse get even the hint of such an issue then there can be divorce proceedings to think about which is another battle that the suspect are trying to avoid. Solicitation defense lawyers have to use unconventional means for contacting their clients so as to not raise suspicions amongst the spouse of their client. For example they cannot send their fees details with the correct title in detail to their email address. The content of the charges has to be discreet.