Solicitation of a minor in Loudoun Virginia

In Loudoun Virginia law code chapter 8 of title 18.2 prostitution is defined as:

“Any person who, for money or its equivalent, commits adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361, or offers to commit adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361 and thereafter does any substantial act in furtherance thereof”

The law is divided into two different categories where the code states that both prostitution and solicitation are a criminal offense in the eyes of Loudoun Virginia court and the penalties for solicitation of a minor are similar in Loudoun Virginia to the charges of other sex crimes with minors.

What is solicitation of minors?

According to the Loudoun Virginia Code § 18.2-374.3 the child solicitation falls under the miss use for communication medium. Hence the law strictly prohibits the engagement an adult with a minor with an intention of sexual abuse. The law is not restricted to communication but it also incorporate adults who are a part of indecent exposure in front of a minor.

Although at times the accusers are frustrated as they have not actually conducted any physical abuse with the child, however the law charged the person for the intention of conducting a sexual offence with the minor in future. Hence it is easier to understand that any of these activities performed with a minor under the age of 18 would be dealt strictly by the Virginia court:

  1. Exposure of the offender’s genital parts and any other sexual parts to a minor
  2. The suggestion given by the offender to a minor to expose his or her genital parts
  3. The offender asks the minor to touch his own genitals
  4. The offender asks the minor to touch his (the offender’s) genitals
  5. Proposing a child to join the offender at his home, vehicle or any other private to carry out any of the prohibited sexual offence.

Prevalence of Child Pornography in Loudoun Virginia

  1. During an incident which took place in 2013, a man was arrested for running an online portal which was connecting thousands of other child pornographers. The man was convicted with a felony and he was sentenced for 30 years imprisonment.
  2. A similar act took place in 2013, where a mother sold her 4 months old daughter to a man for child pornography.

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If you are charged with Child pornography and you are innocent than you immediately need an experience Loudoun Virginia Child pornography Defense attorney who can identify the reason of your charge and help you in defending your case. There can be a possibility that your unsecure Wi-Fi is used by someone unknown to download any such child pornographic material or the virus in your computer automatically downloaded such pictures. In any of such cases you need a professional Loudoun Virginia child pornography defense attorney to help you waive your charged.