Understanding the law and penalties for credit card fraud in VA

Virginia enters various criminal law rules and three categories of credit card and bank card fraud: credit card theft, credit card fraud and credit card fraud.
Credit Card Theft
In Virginia, it’s illegal to take someone’s credit card or debit card with their permission. You must also have the motive to use or sell it. Receiving or promoting unauthorized cards or card numbers is also known as credit card theft in Virginia.
The prosecutor should demonstrate that the cardboard or card width has been received or received incorrectly from the beneficiary and obtained by use, sale and transfer reasons. However, the ownership of more than one credit card or credit card number of any character other than the consent of the cardholder may provide sufficient evidence that you violated this law.
Credit card fraud
Credit card fraud is different from credit card theft, as most types of credit card theft require a certain number of goods or services. Here you can try to use your credit score card only to steal your crime. For example, a person is responsible for fooling any character and for credit card fraud if he or she:
• Use a variety of credit cards/debit cards that have been canceled or expired to charge a fee
• Something that claims to be the owner of a credit card / wide variety and creates value effectively
• Use a fake card or wrong number to get a fee
• Use your card to earn more money deliberately than your credit line or draft
• Credit Card Counterfeiting

Credit card fraud is when someone fulfills one of the following actions:
• Make a fake credit card
• Signing the lower part of someone’s credit card score
• Otherwise, change a legal credit card card
• Create a draft or draft, create a draft, or create a draft
The following table highlights the basic provisions of Virginia’s credit card and debit card fraud laws. Are You Responsible for Unauthorized Credit Card Fees, Fraud and Financial Crimes, An Overview of Theft and Business Data Violation and Customer Identity Theft For more information?
Credit card robbery: §18.2-192
Credit card fraud: §18.2-195. Meat. Seq.
Credit card fraud: §18.2-193

Credit card robbery: Great for twelve months in prison, such as a fine, refund.
Credit card fraud: If the fraud is less than $ 2 million over a period of six months, then the 1st Class is a misdemeanor if the precaution is 6 guilty.
Credit card fraud: The price of the 5th class offender, which can be punished by a prison term, results and different consequences.
Examples of credit card fraud
Your wallet is misplaced or stolen and purchases are made on your credit card without your consent. An unauthorized purchase process is displayed to confirm your credit score card from an online store.
What should you do if you are a victim?
1. File a police file.
2. Inform your credit card company at once.
Note the date, time, and individual that you suggest loss or theft. After you have documented the loss or the robbery, you are not responsible for the fees you did not allow. Your biggest obligation under federal law is $ 50, which is consistent with the card.