Virginia Sexting and Child Pornography Laws

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the production, holding, as well as distribution of any kind of child pornography are viewed as three separate felony charges. One must know that sentences as the result of the conviction for holding pornographic photographs of children are among the toughest in the nation, resulting in a jail sentence, heavy monetary penalty, a terrible criminal record, as well as sex offender registration.

As per Virginia sexting and child pornography laws, sexting is the act of taking the sexually explicit photo(s) and then disseminate it from one device to another. This is the subject which has significantly captivated media attention during the entire period of past decade. Teens move away from verbal communication, preferring instant messaging services or social networks. Adolescents aged nearly 12-15 years, hardly spend even 5% of their total communication time on phone calls, while the overwhelming amount of time (over 90% – about 8 hours a day) constitutes communication either through instant messaging services or social networks.

And, in connection with the spread of smartphones, there is an increasing tendency to prevail in visual information. However, modern students do not have the skills of critical thinking and analysis, necessary to navigate in a modern mainstream of digital environment. They perceive the world of the Internet simply and rectilinearly, and accept, what they see, at face value. However, the reality is contrary to Virginia sexting and child pornography laws.

It should be noted that the phenomenon of sexting is inherent not only in the United States. This is an international problem, and many countries continue to deal with sexting under laws related to pornography.

In the digital era, special cognitive skills will be absolutely necessary, allowing to interact successfully with information in real time mode: people who will have the skills to find information, and analyze, structure and classify it, will undoubtedly have a social, cultural and economic advantage. It should be noted that the most intelligent activities in the future will be an increase in the value of available information.

According to Virginia sexting and child pornography laws, the punishment of minors is the same as for adults involved in the distribution of child pornography, including registration in the database of sexual offenders. In others, special educational programs are provided, which aim at changing stereotypes of behavior.

There are three major factors that cause the sexual behavior of adolescents so widespread in recent times. The first is the hypersexualization of the media, including advertising. The second is easy access to pornography, which is especially attractive for boys 10-13 years old, and the third is mobile phones that make it very easy to take photos with the possibility of posting or sending via a mobile phone. Children become pornographers with no idea of love and respect. The so-called “pornography of revenge” is defined as the uncoordinated publication of an images as per Virginia sexting and child pornography laws.

If you are convicted of sexting or child pornography charges, take help of a well-versed lawyer as soon as possible or you could compromise your social life besides facing severe monetary punishment and slavery.